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Gudetama Travel Card Case


Gudetama wants to travel! But rather than move himself he’d rather be in your pocket and have you move around. This card case is suitable for most travel cards and adds a little joy to your usual commute. With a clear backing to allow staff to check any photo ID quickly and a perforated hole for attaching a clip, you’ll be able to use this case with ease.

  • Sanrio Original

  • Polypropylene

  • Gudetama design on front and clear back

  • Hole for attaching to clips, chains etc. providing extra security and stopping the card falling out

  • Approx. 9x6.5cm

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Gudetama Card Case - front open CC.jpg
Gudetama Card Case - front CC.jpg
Gudetama Card Case - back pose CC_1.jpg
Gudetama Card Case - front pose CC_1.jpg