Badtz-Maru Profile


This guy is the punk of his town. A bit disillusioned with Gorgeoustown Bastz-Maru likes to liven things up by taking his pet alligator around town for a walk. Don’t get on his wrong side!

Check out his funky music! This is one cool penguin. Watch out Pingu!

A bit about Badtz-MAru…

Although Badtz-Maru is also known as bad Badtz-Maru, he’s not a bad guy at heart. He’s just a typical teenager feeling a bit stifled by his hometown. His father is a wizard pinball player but Badtz-Maru dreams of bigger things for when he’s an adult. Kudos to his father though for playing pinball with flippers!

Sometimes I feel sorry for Badtz-Maru as his name literally means ‘wrong’ and ‘right’ which would be confusing for anyone, and then to also be born on April Fool’s day - you could say things were going to be difficult for him from the beginning…

Check out some of his items so you can be the cool penguin on the block too:

Badtz-Maru Backpack

Join Badtz-Maru as the cool kid on the block with this cool backpack. With 2 side pockets, a front pouch and a main compartment with a laptop sleeve this rucksack can fit a lot in it! It also has a padded back and straps to ensure it is comfortable. The detail on the design even goes down the zips and inside the bag too.

*notepads are not included

  • Sanrio License

  • Easily fit A4 paper and a laptop

  • Not suitable for children under 36 months due to small parts

  • Approx. 33x41x15cm

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