Chococat Profile


His vacant look may give you the impression that he’s not very connected to the world but don’t be fooled! Chococat always has the latest news thanks to ultra-sensitive whiskers that act as ‘antennae’ .

Although in Spanish this really gives you a feel for how cool this cat is. Rather catchy too!

A bit about Chococat…

Chococat is a pretty cool boy despite his tendency to be scatterbrained. He loves playing around at home (Choco-choco House) with his friends who also have delicious names such as Jellybean and Cookie-Bau. I’m sorry if you now have any cravings.

Instead of reaching for a chocolate bar, have a look at some of his products below:

Chococat Bowtie Plush (M)

Chococat with his adorable bowtie is the perfect addition to your collection or perhaps just the start of it. Weighted so he can sit upright, he’d love to visit your house and meet new friends. His slightly vacant stare is because he is a little scatterbrained!

  • Sanrio License

  • Not suitable for children under 36 months

  • Polyester with Polyethylene Pellets

  • Approx. 16cm x 20cm x 9cm

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Chococat Drawstring Bag

Chococat’s cute drawstring rucksack is really versatile and works well as a overnight bag. The straps can be tied 3 different ways to turn it into a rucksack, shoulder bag, or tote bag! Inside you will find a keychain as well as an internal pocket so you can access your key items easily.

  • Sanrio License

  • Internal pocket and keychain

  • Made of cotton

  • Approx. 30x36x23cm

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