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Is it a plane? Is it a caramel pudding? No it’s Pompompurin the golden retriever(?!) This cute guy just LOVES to steal shoes, annoyingly just one in a pair, so make sure you keep an eye on yours when around this one.

Pompompurin having a lazy day with his friend.

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A bit about Pompompurin…

Just to start off with, despite not being a caramel pudding (though he often appears this way), I can say the caramel pudding in his character cafe in Tokyo is delicious!

Moving on…

This guy’s dream is just to get bigger and bigger. How big? We don’t know. But I do wonder if his tendency to steal shoe(s) leads to him growing bigger…His greatest talents lie in napping and ‘pompompurin aerobics’ and his ability to befriend anyone. He loves his brown beret too which you will never find him without - very stylish!

Have a look at some of his products below:

Pompompurin Hanging Mascot Plush

Pompompurin is here to steal your shoes! With weighting at the front Pompompurin can hang on your books, laptop or wherever you like so he’s never far away, but we do advise making sure your shoes are safe as he has a tendency to hoard them.

  • Sanrio Original

  • Approx. 8x4x9cm

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