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Look at his big eyes and rosy cheeks :3! Keroppi is a lovable character who just loves to play games with his friends by Donut Pond, the largest and bluest pond in the area.

English Intro to Sanrio's anime series Keroppi (circa 1989), maybe not as well known as the Hello Kitty series and characters, but still popular enough to warrant his own series of shorts. Like Hello Kitty, who starred in various takes on popular stories, the diminutive frog and his friends starred in various roles in such episodes as "Gulliver Travels" and "Robin Hood."

A bit about Keroppi…

Keroppi has a lot of friends in the neighbourhood and his famiyl is very well known as his father is the head doctor at Hasunoue Hospital (he can help almost anyone). Keroppi’s closest friend though is said to be Den Den. He’s a great little snail with a tendency for daydreaming but despite their difference in activity levels and ability they love to play together (so cute)! As Keroppi is such a popular guy he even has had his own mini-series that you can enjoy watching if you feel like a bit of retro nostalgia.

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  • Sanrio License

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  • Not suitable for children under 36 months due to small parts

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