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Gudetama is just…Gudetama. Despite being by far one of the most strangest of characters and seemingly un-relatable (I mean he’s an questionable egg) you’ll soon find yourself morphing into him. You have been warned.

A bit about Gudetama…

Despite Gudetama not having achieved or done much, there is quite a bit to say about him. He is strangely endearing with his super lazy, ‘it’s too much hassle’ attitude. So much so he is actually an icon among similar minded younger people who try to follow in his footsteps. Gudetama has already had one victim, in his ‘friend’ Nisetama-san. He was a young man who encountered Gudetama too much and fell into a dream-like state where he ‘became’ Gudetama. This dream became so intense that he himself has morphed. Think Fight Club but with Gudetama instead.

Although Nisetama-san has met such an unfortunate fate, he is actually having a very fun time and is great at contemporary dance as you can see below:

See how the products below can help you on your way to becoming Gudetama:

Gudetama Hanging Mascot Plush

Wish that Gudetama was around with you to cheer you on in your procrastination? Wish no more! Gudetama can be with you when you need him least with this cute hanging mascot. With weighting at the front he can hang off books, computers and wherever you feel he may distract you the most.

  • Sanrio Original

  • Approx. 8 x 5 x6cm

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Gudetama Travel Card Case

Gudetama wants to travel! But rather than move himself he’d rather be in your pocket and have you move around. This card case is suitable for most travel cards and adds a little joy to your usual commute. With a clear backing to allow staff to check any photo ID quickly and a perforated hole for attaching a clip, you’ll be able to use this case with ease.

  • Sanrio Original

  • Polypropylene

  • Gudetama design on front and clear back

  • Hole for attaching to clips, chains etc. providing extra security and stopping the card falling out

  • Approx. 9x6.5cm

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Gudetama Lazy Folding Chair

Want to be lazy all day long like Gudetama? Now you can be with our foldable chair! Perfect for camping, the beach or perhaps just at home this chair offers you the chance to be Gudetama. It even has a cup holder so you don’t have to move to rehydrate yourself. When not being used, it can be neatly folded up in it’s own bag, waiting for your inner Gudetama to hatch.

  • Sanrio Original

  • Adult size (folding parts can be dangerous for little fingers)

  • Folded size approx. 87x15cm

  • Open size approx. 81x53x83cm

  • Weight with bag: 2.3kg

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Gudetama Splash-proof Bag

Take your favourite lazy character out and about with this Gudetama splash-proof bag. With a roll down top and clip this bag will keep your items safe from the rain and other wet scenarios. The interior is just an open space making it good for swimwear and beach trips, and allowing you to downsize when it suits by simply rolling it up more.

  • Sanrio Original

  • Not suitable for small children

  • Splash proof synthetic material

  • Approx. 23cm x 38cm full size

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Gudetama Ruler (15cm)

Add this Gudetama ruler to your pencil case to discourage you from your studies with his lazy attitude. This ruler is the a compact size at 15cm, perfect for fitting into most pencil cases.

*Notebook and pencil not included.

  • Sanrio License

  • Approx. 4x15cm

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